Meatopia Has an Over-the-Top Trailer — and a Curiously Catchy Theme Song


If you’re planning to hit Meatopia this year and haven’t started training, you might want to watch this new promotional video to see what you’re in for. (Fair warning: The song is going to get stuck in your head.) It’s going to take some serious stomach-stretching if any mere mortal hopes to make room for whole sheep from Seamus Mullen, April Bloomfield’s barbecued whole hog, and the 850-pound steer — evidently a buffalo could not be procured — that will be roasted for the cause, not to mention the rest of the over-the-top-meaty menu that you can see here. This year’s event takes place in the evening, July 23 at 5:30 p.m. to be exact. See the video below, and find details and tickets at

Amstel Light Meatopia, presented by Whole Foods 2011 - The Trailer []