Mole Master Rocio Camacho Plans Rocio’s in Bell

Photo: Javier Cabral via The Glutster

Rocio Camacho, the notable mole innovator once found at Moles La Tia, and over the past year at Lynwood’s La Huasteca, is opening up her own restaurant in Bell. O.C. Weekly offers the early prediction (think this was all Javier Cabral’s scoop?) that Rocio’s, on Maywood Ave. will continue the chef’s exploration of pre-Hispanic cuisine featured at La Huasteca. We might miss entering the dramatic scale of Plaza Mexico’s faux Zocalo, where Camacho made a powerful lure, but can’t wait to see what the chef, the talent behind white chocolate and tamarind moles, does on her own. Rocio’s, 6242 Maywood Ave. in Bell. [OC Weekly]