Mimi Sheraton on New York’s ‘Deplorable’ Bagel Situation

Like rubber tires.

Mimi Sheraton is at it again, this time voicing her concern over the state of New York's bagels in the wake of H&H; closing its uptown location. "In general, I think it’s deplorable," she tells the Times' City Room blog. "Primarily, it’s because of the enormous size ... The thickness of these big ones makes them like rubber tires. They’re too big and puffy." Well okay then! But if thickness is the issue, what about the more svelte Montreal bagels that seem to be all the rage with the kids these days? Ha! Sheraton says they're even crappier: "I have never eaten anything worse called a bagel. They were thin rings. They looked more like a bracelet," she laments. "I thought, ‘My God, what am I eating?’" [City Room/NYT, Earlier]