Meet The L.A. Times Burger Battle Champs


Caprese burgers, cemita burgers, and red, white, and blueberry burgers! The Los Angeles Times proves that there are a lot of creative home chefs out there as it crowns five winners in its weeks-long “Battle of the Burgers.” National cooks submitted nearly 90 recipes for their own original creations and thousands of readers voted on their favorite ones. To the shear delight of our weary computer-ravaged retinas, the paper has a video summing up the contest, introducing the winning contestants, and the conception behind each recipe, with appearances from the newspaper’s test kitchen manager, Noelle Carter, and a strange, cotton-pickin’ soundtrack that might have been ripped from a montage scene on Hee-Haw. Check out the crazy, greasy, cheesy grub in this video look at “The Battle of the Burgers.”