LudoBites is Back, Now With More Foie Gras


Even after all the magazine fame and a soon-to-be televised tour through the nation, Ludo Lefebvre is keeping LudoBites in Los Angeles for its seventh run. In fact, he’s even bringing the whole shebang back to Gram & Papa’s, home of LudoBites 4.0 and 5.0 (we’re certain the sandwich shop doesn’t mind all of the after-hours attention). This next iteration of Ludo’s pop-up will find the chef cooking from August 3rd to September 10th, Tuesday through Friday nights. More importantly, your slim chance to nail down a reservation starts July 14th at 4:00 P.M. on OpenTable, offering another chance to see how the digital reservation system stacks up against Lefebvre’s ravenous fans.

The menu is still undecided, while the chef will be bringing in some of the regional influences he picked up crossing the country. The ever rebellious Ludo also tells Squid Ink that the foie gras protestors who tried to rally at his Casa Pulido pop-up last month better be prepared for double duty, saying LudoBites 7.0 will have “Lots of foie gras…I think we’ll do a special night with just foie gras.”

Catch updates to LudoBites 7.0 on Ludo’s Facebook.