Ludo Acts Like Gordo in New LudoBites America Trailer

Photo: Ludo Bites America via YouTube

It’s a good thing we already like Ludo way better than Gordo around here, as we’ve just seen one of the first trailers for the chef’s forthcoming Sundance Channel show Ludo Bites America. Here we see the series juxtaposing Ludo’s laissez-faire philosophy with some fairly hardcore, heavily accented screaming at the staff. Ludo’s voice-over calmly intones in slow, sexy deliberation, “As a chef I like to bring joy to people. That’s my job. I want to see happiness.” A split second later, he snaps with a bloodcurdling “STOP!!” as he’s about to whack some poor stodgers head off. Then we’re pretty sure he makes the poor dude repeat “Yes chef” ten times in a row…we think. Fortunately, there might be subtitles for this series when it premieres on July 19th. Take a look!