L.A. Weekly Awards Starry Kitchen, Chego, MattBites, and Street Gourmet L.A.


The winners were announced today in L.A. Weekly’s Web Awards and naturally, a few deserving food obsessives are taking home statues (of fake video tapes). Chego wins for best minimal restaurant website and Starry Kitchen for best maximallist, both deserving of serious kudos for not blasting shitty music in our ears every time we visit. Who else?

Among the bloggers, Bill Esparza’s Street Gourmet L.A. scored “Best Food Blog,” MattBites took honors for his explicit food porn, and the first-class alkies at Thirsty in L.A. won for their extensive cocktail coverage.

While it’s almost tempting to say this year’s inclusions feel much more like the foodies L.A. Weekly regularly gushes over than last year’s (oh wait, we just did), but clearly the winners are all deserving independent publishers who push the level of professionalism ever higher. Congratulations to these worthy winners! [LAW]