Kasa’s Kati Roller Truck Finds Opposition, Hopes to Launch in July


Kasa has been trying to get their Kati Roller truck rolling for quite a while now, and they now plan to debut at Off the Grid Fort next Friday, July 8 sometime in mid-July. But they’re applying for permits to park at six different locations around town throughout the week, including one in the Financial District that has inspired some opposition from brick-and-mortar businesses in the area. According to ABC 7, yesterday’s hearing with the Department of Public Works got a little heated, and there’s still no decision about Kati Roller’s permit. Owner Tim Volkema is asking supporters to please email Public Works with a word of support, to help them make their case. It won’t prevent nearby business owners from waging their own ground war, post-permit, but it will at least help move things along. [ABC 7, Earlier]