It’s Been A Bad, Bad Week for Boozers

Grr! Photo: istockphoto

Ever-juicy Universal Hub reports that Boston Police arrived at East Boston’s Cafe Meridian to break up a brawl and ended up leaving with 61 bottles of aguardiente, vodka, tequila and whiskey, all because the restaurant doesn’t have a proper liquor license. Oh, but Meridian wants the booze back (we’re assuming it’s in tact), because they actually have a liqueur license. Per the story, Meridian’s defenders claim that “tequila isn’t really tequila if it’s mixed with cream and that infusing vodka with ginger or anise transforms it into a liqueur.” Wonder what’d happen if we mixed our coffee with Four Loko … Meanwhile, the South End Patch reports the disturbing news that CRU Wine and Spirits was shuttered in the wake of “court-authorized activity.” The FBI refuses to comment. Yikes! [Universal Hub/Patch]