If You Want to Drink at the Movies, You’re Still Going to Have to Do It the Old-Fashioned Way

Photo: iStockphoto

Yesterday, Zagat reported on the delightfully awesome news that Nitehawk, a new movie theater in Williamsburg, would be equipped with a full bar — and not only would you be able to order your drinks during the movie, but you’d also be able to drink that drink in the actual screening room. Nice! Well, forget about all that nonsense because reps for the theater wrote back to Zagat to tell them that, no, you won’t be able to drink in the actual screening room because “state law” forbids it. Whatever, man. Where we come from, if you show up at a movie without a backpack full of beer, you’re just wasting your time being there. And now that Sixpoint is selling its beer in cans (less clink-y than bottles, of course), anyone masochistic enough to sit through something like Bad Teacher really has no excuse not to grab a few tallboys before making your way to your seat. [Zagat Buzz]