How to Get Totto Ramen — Without the Wait

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

This one’s for Wyatt Cenac, who in his recent New York Diet expressed some concern over Totto Ramen’s ever-growing popularity: “And there was a good stretch where every week we could get into Totto, but then some asshole — probably New York Magazine — wrote an article about how good Totto is, and it’s a fucking shitshow now. So thanks a lot, New York Magazine.” (You’re welcome?) Anyway, now Midtown Lunch has the details on getting Totto-quality ramen while avoiding the shitshow — head to sister restaurant Yakitori Totto, where beef ramen recently hit the menu. How does it compare? Says ML: “In short, this bowl of ramen is easily on par with the product found a few blocks south … Yakitori Totto flaunts a generous amount of unbelievably tender beef short rib, nestled into the springy and pliant noodles.” So now you know! Unfortunately, so does everyone else. You’d better hurry up and get over there before the new lines start forming. [Midtown Lunch]