Gjelina Take Away Already Acting Kinder Than The Original

Pau Gasol at Gjelina
Pau Gasol at Gjelina Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Eater reports on a colossal capitulation over at Gjelina Take Away, the quick-service attachment to the popular Abbot Kinney restaurant from chef Travis “Won’t” Lett “You Order What You Want.” So speaking of the big “no substitutions” story of the week that saw Gordon Ramsay defending Lady Posh Spice from Lett’s draconian cruelty, the new restaurant’s menu clarifies “Omissions granted, substitutions declined.” In other words, though it’s saving face on the subs, Gjelina surely must have realized that everyone with a brain in their head was right, and that withholding one or two ingredients won’t make the earth rotate off its axis. In any case, check out the full menu at Gjelina Take Away over on MenuPages. [Eater]