Food-Truck Battle Goes Crosstown

Certainly looks innocent enough.

You’ll recall that Upper West Siders were up in arms about mobile dining the other day, and now the frontlines have moved to the east side. DNA Info reports that the manager of Two Park Avenue has attempted to keep food trucks away from his building, as he claims their presence angers tenants such as Crumbs Bake Shop and Pret A Manger. Also, he asserts: "The building’s entryway is so narrow, a single truck parked in front can completely block light into the foyer, affecting everyone who works there." Whatever the specific complaints, it seems opponents to the trucks are becoming more and more vocal. Perhaps the future of mobile food selling is destined to be less mobile: If everyone’s going to fight about street parking, designated food-truck zones like the Lot on Tap might just make a lot of sense. [DNA Info]

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