East Village Loses 80 Sidewalk Seats and Is Still Down a Garden

Photo: Daniel Maurer

A little over a year after it replaced a Starbucks, the New York Film Academy Café (one of the city’s more spacious and relaxed outdoor spots) will close to make way for development. The Local East Village reports that it’ll shutter after June 30 so the adjacent Cooper Union Engineering Building can be torn down. Alfresco scribes, we’d tell you to take your laptops down the block to the lovely back garden at Bull McCabe’s, but the city closed that down last fall, and a bartender there tells us the owners are still in court trying to reopen it. In the meantime, take advantage of the bar’s handful of sidewalk seats — sure, you’ll have to switch from coffee to beer, but a new study shows that coffee makes you hear things anyway!

As 51 Astor Falls, A Cafe Will Close [Local East Village/NYT]