Durgin Park Butt-Grabber Grilled; Woman Dials 911 After Chinese-Food Order Goes Awry


• The Boston Licensing Board will decide tomorrow how to take action against a derriere-grabbing oyster shucker at Durgin Park, who according to a police report “has a history of grabbing ass.” [Universal Hub]

• A Georgia woman called 911 because she received the wrong Chinese-food order. Wait, you can do that? [Gawker]

• The Wurst Tex food cart in Austin serves a rattlesnake-and-rabbit sausage dubbed Predator and Prey. Like everything else, it tastes like chicken. [SE]

• Seems some Game of Thrones actors are taking badassery to heart: Sean Bean, who plays Ned Stark, was stabbed outside a bar only to patch himself up and order another drink. [Gawker]

• Once regarded as “tasteless cardboard hockey pucks,” veggie burgers are popping up on menus at chains like Smashburger and Elevation Burger. [NRN]

• Sleepiness makes fatty foods extra tempting. Blargh, can someone pass the Girl Scout Cookies? [Body Odd/MSNBC]