Durgin Park’s Liquor License Suspended Due to Frisky Oyster Shucker

Photo: istockphoto

A butt-grabbing shucker has landed Durgin Park in trouble with the Boston Licensing Board, so those of you looking to wash down your old-timey cuisine with alcohol will have to dine elsewhere. We know oysters are supposed to be aphrodisiacs, but geez!

Universal Hub reports that the Boston Licensing Board voted to suspend Durgin Park’s license because a flirtatious ex-oyster shucker continually groped a waitress, despite her protests. As we noted earlier, per a police report, the oyster shucker had “a history of grabbing ass.” Apparently a naughty atmosphere permeates DP; several waitresses testified that DP has “a lot of that flirty interaction going on in the entire restaurant, which included touches and massages.” Erm, so perhaps it’s for the best that DP remain a sober environment for the time being.

We are impressed, though, that the waitress took matters into her own hands and punched the slimy shucker not once but twice. And here we thought most DP waitresses only got feisty with customers!

Licensing Board Won’t Tolerate Groping Shuckers [UH]