Don’t You Worry, Breastaurants Are Keeping It Classy


Entrepreneur magazine is the latest to remind us that while sales at so many other chain restaurants are sagging, breastaurants like Hooters are doing perky business. Except the latest ones aren’t all trashy and “blue collar” like Hooters is! Nosirree. The owner of the “Hooters-goes-to-Scotland concept,” Tilted Kilt, says “we are sexy classy, sexy smart or sexy cute. Not sexy stupid or sexy trashy.” An important distinction. And the owner of the lodge-themed Twin Peaks, which according to its website is celebrating “car wash season,” says, “I thought Hooters had taken the low-brow route, and we’re taking the high road. We have higher-quality food, and the uniforms on our girls are more finished.” Plus, the waitresses are trained to ask beer drinkers if they “want the man size or the girl size.” See how classy? In all fairness, is Hooters really the lowbrow option if eighth graders are being taken there on field trips, and gentlemen sometimes even meet their dearly beloved wives there? Check out this video, on the Huffington Post today, from the wedding of just such a classy couple.

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