Don’t Worry, Wine Sorbet Will Soon Be Considered Nonalcoholic

Photo: istockphoto

Sure, lawmakers are cracking down on nutcracker (first Four Loko and now this, right?), but take heart: While we were perusing the State Senate database, we noticed that a couple of weeks ago, the Senate and Assembly voted to pass a bill, the text of which you can read here, that allows unlicensed venues to sell frozen desserts that contain up to 5 percent wine. A law that did the same for wine ice cream went into effect a couple of years ago, but once this update is signed into law by Governor Cuomo, it’ll expand the desserts that are considered nonalcoholic to sorbet and sherberts (but what about Jell-O?). You can even sell pints of wine sorbet so long as you label it properly. So there you go, nutcracker man — this might be the time to get into the wine-sherbert business.