Pizzeria Delfina Supports Dyke March With Limited Edition T-Shirt

The pride edition of their pizzeria logo shirt.
The pride edition of their pizzeria logo shirt. Photo: Courtesy of Pizzeria Delfina

Delfina and Pizzeria Delfina, which are of course on the main drag of the Dyke March that will happen on Saturday, are getting in the Pride spirit with a limited edition rainbow version of their pizza-slice t-shirt (see the traditional shirt here). Proceeds from the sale of the shirts, which can be yours for $25 at either of the two pizzerias, go to support Dyke March, which almost didn’t happen this year due to financial woes. (Unlike the big LGBT Pride fest downtown, the smaller lesbian event eschews big corporate sponsorship.)

Delfina’s signed on to help out, and they’ll also be selling the shirts in a booth at the pre-march rally on Saturday in Dolores Park. They’re also helping out the event by sponsoring the cost of some porta-potties along the route, but, you know, that’s as much for the good of the neighborhood as for the marchers.

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