Dave Arnold’s Latest Scheme


As those of us who follow the doings of FCI mad scientist director of technology Dave Arnold know, the man is always up to something. If he’s not inventing boozy pickles, doing weird things with beaver meat, or plotting an epic food museum, he’s … teaming up with Momofuku and David Chang to start a new cooking-device company, as Eater reports. When we got Arnold on the phone, he told us the company will tentatively be named Dax and Booker, after his two sons. “I’m going to be working on a lot of different [cooking devices]. I know a few of them are going to be aimed toward restaurant cooks, but hopefully some of them also for home cooks,” he said. “As soon as we have enough to release it, I will.” Slightly differently, he explained to Eater: “I could tell you about them, but Dave Chang would find and kill all of you.” Chang is a busy man himself these days, what with TV appearances, Lucky Peach, and his own experiments at the top-secret Momofuku test kitchen, but still — we wouldn’t want to get on the guy’s bad side. Watch for more info here as we dare reveal it.