Dating Advice From Dushan Zaric, Joe Campanale, and Other Booze Professionals

Dushan Zaric.

Daily Candy caught up via video with Dushan Zaric of Employees Only and a few other notable New York bartenders to get their thoughts on drinking and dating. Miguel Feliciano of Lyon finds it "really sexy when a woman orders a Manhattan," and Jason Roose of Beauty & Essex agrees that "brown liquor ... is a sexy, sexy drink." Sacha Jones of d.b.a. reminds us that "just because the bartender's being nice to you doesn't mean they want to sleep with you" (it's kind of their job to be friendly). And Anfora's Joe Campanale advises, "If a woman sees a guy at the bar she wants to meet, she can totally use the bartender as a wingman." Good to know — but what if that woman would rather score a date with the adorable Campanale? Well, there's a "really funky orange wine" you could ask for to make him "pretty turned on." After all, "Bars don’t really sell booze, bars sell possibility," says Zaric — which is something to consider if you've ever griped about the price of cocktails in New York. [Daily Candy]