Darna Falafel Brought Sexy Back to Cobble Hill — For a Hot Minute


Darna Falafel promised its “sexy brown” falafel to Cobble Hill residents in April and opened its doors a few days ago. Today those doors are shut again owing to what owners tell Grub Street is “an equipment problem with the grill.” Word on the street has it that the falafel, made in house, is pretty solid, but a look at the menu reveals combos that are a little odd for a Middle-Eastern restaurant — falafel, roasted red pepper, portobellos, romaine, and caramelized onion are in one wrap. Grilled catfish, baba ghanoush, and chipotle mayo are in another. Co-owner Ali Fattah, whose parents were born in Jerusalem, named the place Darna after the Arabic word meaning “our home.” He partnered with a handful of friends, including former Broken English cook Dino Giordano, to open the small eatery. The gentlemen seem to have shifted their marketing focus, however: The Facebook page declares that they’ll be carrying “a cool kids meal. Can’t forget the children!” True. Darna expects to reopen as early as tomorrow, but no later than a week.