Consider the Oyster … Comic

Photo: Courtesy Gilt Taste

Let’s say you have a food website and you want to differentiate yourself. You come up with a brilliant idea: “Hey, how about we do food comics! Nobody else is doing them” (well, except for the Amateur Gourmet, sorta). Anyway, you’ll recall that yesterday we wrote about’s new Recipe Comix feature, and now we’ve run across a new Gilt Taste feature that is — you guessed it — a food comic. This one tracks the sad world of oysters ripped from their pristine, briny beds, which is somehow supposed to make you want to buy some mail-order mollusks from the site. We’re not complaining, though; it’s nice to see food gaining more cultural caché across a number of mediums. After all, it’s not as though Peanuts ever had anything to do with actual peanuts.

The Sweetest, Saddest Comic You’ll Ever Read About Oysters [Gilt Taste]
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