Chocolate Bar Owner Will Open a Bakery Around the Corner


Two years after bringing her Rang Dangs and Chocolate-Bar Suckers back to the West Village, Chocolate Bar owner Alison Nelson tells Grub Street that the wind is blowing her in another direction yet again. Except this time, Chocolate Bar will stay firmly put while Nelson opens a new bakery just around the block.

Nelson says she’ll open a West Village bakery called Doughboy this fall. “The name celebrates the famous WWI ‘Doughboy’ statue in Abington Square Park,” she says. “It’s near to where the bakery will be located.” And where might that be? Well, Nelson is still mum on the exact location, but has confirmed that the bakery will be “adjacent” to the park. She also tells us that the menu will include breads, pies, cupcakes, custom cakes, cookies, and sandwiches, and that her partners are Vanessa Keefe and pastry chef Noelle Ridings.

Won’t Doughboy compete with its big, sugary sister Chocolate Bar? “Not at all!” Nelson assures us. “It’s going to be ‘modern industrial’ and offering all new things. Both might serve coffee, but that’s about it.”