Chefs on HBO: Ripert and Chang Last Night; Liebrandt Tonight


Eater has a clip of last night’s episode of Treme — Eric Ripert makes another appearance, but the best part is the excessive fawning over the fictional Momofuku restaurant Lucky Peach (“I work in the best restaurant in New York City,” crows one of David Chang’s chefs, “I am at the forefront of a new age of dining — the new paradigm”) followed by a cameo in which Chang half quips, “I’m not fucking happy — who’s happy? I don’t even know what that is.” And speaking of irascible chefs on HBO, tonight is the premiere of A Matter of Taste, the Paul Liebrandt documentary we showed you a clip from earlier. Doing press for the movie, Liebrandt tells Eatocracy that the chef’s life is “a 24 hour a day blessing and curse,” and tells Eater that HBO predicts 5 million people will see the flick. Meanwhile, the film’s director Sally Rowe talks about what changed during the ten years it took to make: For one thing, “The first five years it took [Liebrandt] awhile to warm up, but after that he was, like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s my shadow.’” And also: “When I started the film, the whole food business wasn’t happening.”

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