Can’t These Breastaurants All Get Along?

Photo: Courtesy of Canzacity

Just last week we were assured that the new wave of Hooters imitators is keeping it classy, and that’s just the case on Long Island, where young Canz-a-City Roadhouse has set up a couple of miles away from the Hooters in East Meadow. All Canz wants to do is poach offer better treatment to those poor Hooters waitresses, and yet Hooters is allegedly doing déclassé stuff like sending its girls into Canz to lure away customers. Hooters, don’t embarrass yourself! Can’t you leave Canz’s customers to watch the Lingerie Football League in peace? Don’t you know you’re part of the old guard of tacky testosterzones, and places like Canz are here to restore some dignity to the breastaurant world? The Westbury location had a bikini party on Sunday — just like Lavo!

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