Brian Malarkey Cleans Up in San Diego’s Best Restaurants Issue

Photo: Seersucker

San Diego Magazine’s June issue is dedicated to the dining scene down there with a cover story called “Best 2011 Restaurants.” While impeccable Addison gets “Best Sommelier” nods for its wine-genius, French Laundry vet Jesse Rodriguez, and Truluck’s Floridian steak and seafood spread earns “Best of the Best,” among other accolades, we see Top Chef-vet Brian Malarkey has swept some of the highest honors from 3,000 reader votes.

Seersucker, the restaurant Malarkey sprung on San Diego last year, earns “Best Chef,” “Best New Restaurant,” and “Best Business Lunch,” while coming in second on a “Best Service” award to, who else, Truluck’s! In any case, a hot issue to check out for your summer road-tripping. Even if Javier Plascencia seems to have been omitted. [San Diego]

Update: Eater has Malarkey on its mind as well, and announces the chef’s Burlap will open on August 4th.