Are There Any Good TV Restaurants?

Photo: Jed Egan

Anyone who’s watched more than fifteen minutes of Food Network knows that food always looks better on TV — well, there are some exceptions — but it sounds like it’s doubly true when the TV is fiction: The Awl visited some restaurants that are well known for once being on television. (Sound familiar?) The verdict at all the stops: The stuff to actually eat and drink is pretty lackluster — even the coffee at the café from Twin Peaks. Obviously all those Hollywood folks pick restaurants like they pick actors: It’s all about looks, baby. But aside from Treme, which this season featured places like Le Bernardin, Dooky Chase, and a fictionalized Momofuku (faux-mofuku?), are there any prominent TV-restaurant relationships where both the show and the eatery are actually good? [Awl]