While One Hipster Venue Opts To Close in Echo Park, Another Hits Its Stride

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Today The L.A. Times plays Taps for Dinner House M, the late-night Filipinotown jazz and DJ club that’s vied for your late nights since 1987 and will be closing in early June. Since apocalypse talk has been all the rage this week, the paper calls this shutter a sign of “the hipster apocalypse,” because clearly Echo Park doesn’t have anywhere else for the ironic t-shirt crowd to cram into these days. But maybe all they really need to do is simply spend some more time at the neighborhood’s famous French restaurant.

Yep, while one legendary underground music space is closing, another one sounds like it’s really hitting its stride at Taix, the 84-year-old French bistro. Echo Park Patch reports that Taix has been rocking into the wee hours with its 321 Lounge, booking high-energy musical and comedy acts that draw the old restaurant an edgier, later crowd.

Owner Mike Taix essentially tells The Patch that the club is a way of embracing Echo Park’s booming nightlife. “It’s been a real roller coaster over the years, going from a super busy old school French/Continental restaurant that closed really early, because few would go out late in Echo Park. Then doing the necessary changes to return to the roots of country French food. Soon we were adding a bit of music from local resident staffers that were crying for a music outpost this way, as there was nothing East of Spaceland. Many feel we helped spark the Echo Park scene with that, not that we were had planned it, it just happened. Now we even serve food on busy nights ‘til 1:00am. Lots of change.”

Currently Taix has a “French Toast” comedy stand-up show on Sundays and a popular Wednesday night for Americana, no depression-style country, and bluegrass music planned by Julie “Carolina Chickadee” Richmond. The lounge has a $10 two-drink or food minimum after 10:00 P.M. Check out the full upcoming schedule on Facebook.

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While One Hipster Venue Opts To Close in Echo Park, Another Hits Its Stride