Watching Daniel Boulud Play a Video Game, and the Rest of the Highs and Lows of Pebble Beach Food & Wine

Boulud couldn't get enough of this shiz.

Let’s see… what did we learn at our first Pebble Beach Food & Wine? We learned that money can buy you access to, and maybe even a fist bump, from Guy Fieri. We learned that you should never, ever follow five hours of drinking and partying with chefs with an extra hour of tasting Italian wines in a hotel room with a bunch of sommeliers (their livers, we think, are different than ours). And we learned that Daniel Boulud loves race car video games, and he knows how to fix the cable if it goes out right as the Royal Wedding is about to start. Please enjoy our slideshow from this heady, boozy, and brazenly luxury weekend, where chefs from Northern California and all over the country gathered to cook tasty bites for an army of new-monied folk from the toniest zip codes of Southern California, and beyond.

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