Watch a Preview for Kimchi Chronicles, Starring a Bearded Hugh Jackman


Back in December, we told you about Kimchi Chronicles, the new show from Marja and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Well, the show will make its debut this Sunday on WNET at 4 p.m. before it begins airing nationally later this summer. (People who might be otherwise occupied Sunday afternoon — maybe watching Game 4 of the Lakers-Mavericks series, or being outside — should set their DVRs, since it doesn’t appear that WNET will be replaying the episode.) But enough with the details! Look who stops by the premiere! It’s Wolverine! Check out the Hugh-heavy preview clip below, then feel free to spend the remainder of your afternoon wondering why all these celebrities are making guest appearances on cooking shows. (Remember when Matthew McConaughey stopped by Guy Fieri’s Christmas special? Because we’ll never be able to forget it.)