Tastykakes Sale to Flower Foods Now Complete; Oscar Meyer’s Weinermobile Gets Redesigned

• Tasty Baking Co.’s $175 million sale to Georgia’s Flowers Food was finalized yesterday. [PBJ]

• Sandra Lee has already published about a bajillion books, but Hyperion and the Disney Interactive Media Group just announced a five-book deal with the Food Network star, including two novels. [AP]

• Oscar Meyer’s Weinermobile has been redesigned as a more standard food truck that will travel the country passing out “hot dogs and other meat products.” Goody. [Drive On/USAT]

• Whole Foods is an unlikely source of genetically modified foods (organic food by law can’t contain GMOs), but they’re there on the shelves in non-organic foods, and it’s difficult to avoid them since there’s no labeling. [LAT]

• Here’s a disturbing interview about how Tyson is trying to sell dark chicken meat to “picky” Americans, since “chicken legs and thighs are piling up in warehouses as China and Russia buy less.” [Marketplace/American Public Media]

• We can likely expect more harsh weather over the next decade, and droughts and heavy rain are murder on the food supply. [Bloomberg]