Now Tamara’s Tamales Wants to Start Trucking Too

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

That guy who walks through our neighborhood every evening ringing a bell and yelling “Champurrado! Tamales!” might soon have some heavy-weight competition in the form of Tamara’s Tamales, the Culver City storefront that serves over 25 tamale types. Feast reports that the restaurant is getting into the truck business (following Chego’s potential plans to do the same, we have to wonder if anybody read that L.A. Times article last week?) and shows a video of owner Tamara Tapp making a king crab tamale. She also spilled the er, beans, that she’s going into the trucking business and chirps (like, literally chirps) that her mother will follow up the book Tamales 101 with a sequel due this summer. Could a Tamara’s truck keep us from eating out of that stranger’s trunk in our neighborhood? Well, even though his price is right, we have a strong feeling it would. [Feast]