Subway Launches Upscale Cafés; Supermarkets Push (Again) to Sell Wine

• Subway is trying to get all fancy, launching the upscale Subway Café. But will the stores still have that distinctive baked-bread smell? [NRN]

• The USDA is trying to encourage the use of numerical ear tags rather than brands for identifying cattle. Ranchers, naturally, are resisting the change, because they wouldn’t be the independent cowboy types if they didn’t. [WSJ]

• In what seems to be a perennial fight in Albany, supermarkets are once again pushing to be able to sell wine. But they already have that lovely winelike stuff that’s essentially juice — why change? [Crain’s]

• Honk if you’re hungry: In Uganda, protesters were doing just that as demonstrators in Kampala made noise last night over high food prices. [NASDAQ]

• What is it with people behaving badly in restaurants these days? A Georgia politician is accused of dumping food, water, and coffee on another pol at a Waffle House. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]