Stupak Gets Into It With Another Blogger

Photo: Jessica Kokinos-Have

Alex Stupak, last seen defending himself against the College Critic, is now having words with a slightly more prominent blogger, the ever-opinionated Steve Plotnicki. Long story short: Plotnicki went into Stupak’s kitchen to tell him, “You are the Picasso of your field and you walked away from your craft,” wrote a post observing that (surprise!) Stupak hadn’t friended him on Facebook after the unwelcome comment. Now Stupak has written in to Eater to explain why he left pastry (he wants to “be solid and straight forward and serve food that’s worthy of craving rather than pondering”), and why he and Plotnicki “are not friends on facebook or otherwise.” Before getting in a few jabs at Plotnicki’s spelling and reporting skills, Stupak writes, “And by the way to come into my kitchen as if you own it and have no regard for the fact that both I and my wife and my brother in law have probably collectively slept 8 hours in 3 days is insulting to me. And further, to begin to tell me how I’m taking a step back when you have no clue what it takes to do what I just did is also equally insulting.” The rest of the letter straight ahead.

Alex Stupak to Steve Plotnicki: I’m Not Wasting My Talent [Eater NY]