Strangely Named Hachember Replaces LES Oddball Patate Fellow


The space at 71 Clinton Street has undergone a series of bizarro metamorphoses since the days when it housed Wylie Dufresne’s 71 Clinton Fresh Food. After even burger fondue couldn’t save Fat Hippo, the space became Korean-fried-chicken outlet Patate Fellow, which never took off despite late-night hours and a decent bibimbap. Now Patate is gone, replaced by Hachember, a bar-otsumami — essentially a spot for boozing accompanied by small portions of Japanese snacky foods. These include French fries and fried chicken, as well as curry on a baguette or over rice, and pork shumai. For the record, the man whose face you see on the sign is “Your host, Toshi Cappuccino.” The wackiness continues!

Hachember, 71 Clinton St., nr. Rivington St.; 212-533-4781