Strange Bedfellows Starry Kitchen and Laurent Quenioux Unite

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

This would appear to be the most unlikely pop-up that we’ve seen yet on paper. L.A. Weekly reports that Laurent Quenioux, the French avant garde offalian, is soon to start cooking at formerly underground pan-Asian restaurant Starry Kitchen. Starting next week, the chef will offer a dish on SK’s lunch menu and starting with the first weekend in June, Quenioux will cook every other week from Sunday to Tuesday, providing a $45 prix-fixe menu over a stint that could last anywhere from three to six months. Quenioux doesn’t seem like the type to throw his fists through the walls, like owner Nguyen Tran is known to do, but the relaxed setting and adventurous attitude here should give him total freedom to chase his inspirations. If nothing else, L.A.’s French chefs have shown quite a knack for ingenuity when searching for their next projects. [LAW]