Seasons 52 Makes Plans in Santa Monica

Photo: Basheertome via Flickr

The forces behind Seasons 52, the upscale grill and wine restaurant chain with 22 national locations, including one in Costa Mesa, have picked out a spot in Santa Monica at Ocean and Broadway (we’re guessing it’s the I Cugini space). The restaurant announces plans to open this 23rd location in fall of 2012. As you may have guessed from the name, the restaurant carries menus that change four times a year and trumpets cuisine that features no dish, appetizer or entree, that goes over 475 calories (eat your heart out, True Food Kitchen). The new location is planned to be a whopper, with room for 340 diners, a piano bar with live entertainment, and a chef’s table for private dining. It won’t tear us away from FIG anytime too soon, but will likely continue a recent infusion of big box restaurants following the re-opening of Santa Monica Place.

Seasons 52, coming to Broadway and Ocean Avenues, Santa Monica in Fall 2012.