Red Bull Gives You Magazine!


Gwyneth Paltrow may have put the kibosh on rumors she's starting a food magazine, but you know who does have its own monthly glossy? Red Bull! And naturally, it's called The Red Bulletin. The first issue recently plonked its way onto our desk, and at 98 pages, it's a rather impressive specimen. There's a distinctly sporty feel to the mag, which makes sense since the publication reportedly started as FormulaOne property (and though this is the first U.S. issue, it's already been publishing in other countries, like Austria, Kuwait, and the U.K., for several years). As the editor's letter announces, "This magazine is part of our logical development to become a content provider." So logical! For June 2011, that means stories about base-jumping, the Indy 500, and a hot female dirt-biker. You can read those here, but if you just need Red Bull to deliver you a little more content, dude, there's video below.