Police Apprehend Two Men Suspected of Weekend Violence Outside an Old City Bar; Cold Spring Weather Makes Corn and Wheat Yields Smaller and Pricier

• Two men suspected of beating another man unconscious in Old City following an altercation at Mad River are in custody while police search for two more. [CBS Philly]

• Mail carriers will collect non-perishable food donations on Saturday for the 19th annual Stamp Out Hunger drive. [Inquirer]

• Calling Big Brother: Researchers hope that gathering photo data of students’ cafeteria trays at one Texas school will help in combating obesity. [Chicago Tribune]

• One study found that cutting food into small pieces caused eaters to consume fewer calories. So grab a knife if you’re not too lazy. [LAT]

• Here’s video of a woman tearing up over In-N-Out’s arrival in Texas. Or maybe her animal-style’s onions weren’t grilled enough. [Eater]

• If you thought this cold spring was rough, it’s been even harder on corn and wheat farmers — and the lower yields will likely drive up prices. [USAT]

• Obvious yet still sad: Consumers in wealthy countries waste tons of food; in the end, one-third of everything produced goes to waste. [Bernama]