Please Don’t Actually Try the Baby-Food Diet

Photo: iStockphoto

Yes, we know Jennifer Aniston’s airbrushed sculpted arms are fab, and Lady Gaga’s boobs figure is looking pretty great these days, and you might have read that it’s all because of the baby-food diet. Jars of infant puree are flying off shelves as women stock up for the regimen, which involves consuming fourteen portions of mushy grossness each day, followed by a normal dinner. Naturally, the mastermind behind this insanity is Gwyneth’s trainer, Tracy Anderson (the same woman who invented the concept of “runner’s butt“). Yes, we know bikini season produces loads of anxiety, but please, please don’t try the baby-food diet at home. There’s somebody who desperately needs those jars of food: babies. Thank you, this has been a public-service announcement. [Marie Claire UK]