Pink Taco Tickled Pink By All The Controversy

The fracas continued through the weekend at Pink Taco following the restaurant’s decision to paint a load-bearing ass pink then display it outside of the establishment on Cinco de Mayo. Yesterday, a small handful of animal rights activists chanted outside of the restaurant, while others are accusing the restaurant of animal abuse and attacking the place on Yelp, all despite the owners’ protestations that two animal handlers were with the donkey at all times. So, how has the restaurant responded to its public?

Directly following the incident, Pink Taco became even more full of its frat-boy bluster than usual, defiantly writing some distasteful nuggets on its new Twitter such as, “for whoever is wondering we’re putting pinky on “day-after cinco de mayo” clearance. 50% off. please inquire within” and “thank god we don’t get lots of fat chicks here. they bitch about everything. especially tv shows.” Uh yeah, real cute guys, go on living up to everyone’s worst expectations. At least today, Pink Taco appears to be singing a different tune.

According to The L.A. Times, PETA announced yesterday that Pink Taco has made a pledge “”not to use animals at our events and promotions and we are looking forward to … discussing how we can work together in the future.” Wow! What an unexpectedly mature response from the restaurant. There’s only one problem, it appears PETA isn’t buying it 100%. Why? Because that’s what Pink Taco pretty much already said in 2008, the last time it used a donkey for promotion and got itself in hot water. Ai, ai, ai, Pink Taco! Don’t you ever learn?

Pink donkey controversy: Restaurant vows not to use animals in promotions, PETA says [Video] [LAT]

Pink Taco Tickled Pink By All The Controversy