Oh, Gordon Ramsay Ate a Beating Snake Heart, That’s All

Photo: Mary-Louise Price; Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images (Ramsay), iStockphoto (snake)

Gordon Ramsay keeps pissing people off: A few days after it was reported that he’s being sued by his in-laws for unfair dismissal and breach of contract, Gordo has now upset animal-rights activists by eating the beating heart of a six-foot cobra during the upcoming Vietnam episode of Gordon’s Great Escape. What’s the big deal!? Anthony Bourdain did it no problem, and Ramsay did say, “I think I’m going to become vegetarian” after downing the freshly harvested heart and chasing it with bile, curried guts, and chopped skin (the Telegraph points out that “he was warned that a snake’s heart is often felt moving inside the stomach because it can continue to beat for several minutes after a snake has died”). Anyway, if all of Gordo’s griping about shark fins made you think otherwise, this (and this!) is a pretty good indicator that the guy isn’t above ripping body parts off and eating them. Future Hell’s Kitchen contestants, take note.

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