Obama’s ‘Awkward’ Toast Doesn’t Seem All That Awkward

Now if he'd made this face while toasting the Queen, that would've been awkward.

Before gulping down his glass of $1,000 wine at Buckingham Palace, President Obama decided to make a toast. And ABC News' Political Punch blog is saying that the toast was totally awkward! But was it? When Obama paused after raising his glass to "Her Majesty the Queen," the orchestra started playing "God Save the Queen" (same tune as "America the BeautifulMy Country 'Tis of Thee," you'll recall), and our commander-in-chief was forced to finish his speech over the music (gasp!). Looks fine to us. Almost theatrical. But feel free to watch the video below and decide for yourself. Either way, at least Obama didn't throw up on anyone.

Awkward Moment During Obama Toast to Queen [Political Punch/ABC News]