NYT Recommends Visiting Every Touristy Restaurant Along the S.F. Waterfront. Really?

The "lighthouse" at Forbes Island.

The Times has another one of those "36 Hours" things about San Francisco, and they decided to use the waterfront as a convenient limiting factor, circling the city on three sides starting at the bottom of the Embarcadero and finishing at Ocean Beach. In the process, they make some restaurant recommendations we wouldn’t necessarily make ourselves — sad given how many fantastic restaurant choices there are — like going to Forbes Island for some crap-tastic steak in Cognac-cream sauce ($29), and dining at Sutro’s at the Cliff House for some over-priced seafood and a Ramos Gin Fizz with orange juice in it. Note to the NYT: a Ramos Gin Fizz should never have orange juice in it. Oh, but someone over there ought to know that.

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