Mr. Big Wants Elaine’s to Become Steve’s

Photo: Patrick McMullan

According to the Post, the owner of the Knickerbocker, Steve Jones, wouldn’t mind taking over Elaine’s from the late Elaine Kaufman’s former manager Diane Becker, and at least one boldface name (Chris Noth) is “still hoping the deal will work out.” Another anonymous celebrity thinks Elaine’s is “a morgue up there now” and says, “When I go there now, I say, ‘Is it an open casket or closed?’” Ouch. Ken Aretsky of Patroon (who was also interested in the restaurant at one point) is nicer about it: “I hear really good things — that it’s busy and the food is improved, and that Diane is doing a really good job.” Anyone been lately?

Is It Still Elaine’s Without Elaine? [NYP]