Morningstar Would Make Ray Stark Proud

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Guess who got a big close-up on one of The New York Times’ blogs this weekend? Ray’s and Stark Bar, where Kris Morningstar and company are making Steel Magnolias that would apparently make the namesake here, film producer Ray Stark, very proud. According to the author of the piece (a friend of Stark’s), the man would have appreciated the clever drawers that hide your silverware in the tables here, as well as all the girls in the house, as he was a fan of both magic tricks and lovely ladies. But the two things Stark might have missed if he had hit Ray’s?

Apparently, he was a big fan of the 90210 restaurant Maple Drive, where the fried calamari often called his name. That and a simple bowl of oatmeal. We think Morningstar could work miracles with the former, but won’t be too seriously affected if he chose to pass on the latter. We would, however, appreciate a cocktail named after The Electric Horseman, Stark’s Redford and Fonda-starring rodeo film from the seventies, as soon as possible. [NYT Media Decoder]