Meet the Crew Behind Nichols Farm at Nana; Avec Names New Sous Chef

Socialize here.
Socialize here. Photo: courtesy of Nana

Bridgeport: On Thursday, June 2, the staff from Nichols Farm & Orchard will be hanging out at Nana for the latest Meet the Market event sponsored by the Green City Market’s Junior Board. Chef Guy Meikle created new appetizers for the occasion, both of which use fresh produce from the featured farm. Plus, fresh spring strawberries will be used in two special cocktails. If interested, check out the full menu here. [Facebook]
West Loop: Elliot Green is the new head Sous Chef at Avec. He started his cooking career in Minneapolis, before moving to Chicago to work at the Green Zebra. After a year cooking in Italy, he started on the line at Avec in 2008. [RIA]
Sheffield: Claiming it unprofitable and wasn’t right “for the neighborhood,” co-owner Moe Taleb further explained to Crain’s why Kith & Kin closed. He did say that he hopes to open a new restaurant in the space. [Crain’s]