Looking for Grilling Tips? Oh Boy, Do We Got ’Em


Memorial Day is upon us, and that means it’s time to drag out the ol’ Weber and grill your eyebrows off. To that end, Gourmet has released a special grilling issue that features 96 recipes broken down by category, plus a grilling primer, and Food Network Magazine chimes in with a special issue that includes a backyard get-together with Guy Fieri’s family and all that jazz. Online, Esquire’s blog presents the 2011 Eat Like a Man Grilling Awards, featuring tips from Jake Dickson of Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, Michael Schwartz of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami, and some 16-year-old kid with a fried-pickle recipe. The Feast has a “Competitive Pitmasters’ Guide to Mastering The Grill,” featuring precious advice from our man Ed Mitchell: “Pair your barbecue with Moonshine. MOONSHINE!” Over at Food Republic, Alton Brown has some gear advice (he uses his wife’s hair dryer). Eatocracy has some tips as well, and Serious Eats has a slideshow on grilling “Flintstone-sized double-cut bone-in big-enough-to-serve-two-fully-grown-Thundercats ribeye steaks.” That site also has general primers on kettle grilling and smoking, plus ten grilling tips and a rundown of regional barbecue sauces available by mail.

Meanwhile, on the bookshelves, Lourdes Castro has followed up Simply Mexican with Latin Grilling: Recipes to Share, from Patagonian Asado to Yucatecan Barbecue and More, featuring 90 recipes arranged by ten Latin American countries’ style of cookouts. The publisher of that $22 book, Ten Speed Press, has also published The Japanese Grill: From Classic Yakitori to Steak, Seafood and Vegetables, written by Japanese Hot Pot authors Tadashi Ono (executive chef at Matsuri) and food writer Harris Salat. And finally, Aussie chef (and New York Diet alum) Pete Evans has written My Grill: Outdoor Cooking Australian Style, featuring 100 recipes — including cocktails. Some of them are included in yet another grilling issue, from Food & Wine. That issue also includes Joel Stein on how barbecue made him a man, and some barbecue tips from Chris Lilly.