Judah Friedlander Is Not a Big Fan of New York Burritos

Photo: Melissa Hom

After last night’s Cinema Society screening of Midnight in Paris (and after asking Woody Allen about his feelings on Elaine’s), we found ourselves having a rambling, late-night discussion with Judah Friedlander. He didn’t mention any of his recent Murray Hill–related controversy, but he did mention something near and dear to Grub Street: burritos: “There are a lot of Mexican places in New York, but they gotta step it up,” Friedlander declared at the swanky Soho Grand party, sponsored by Thierry Mugler. “There are too many non-refried-bean burrito places in New York,” he added, as waiters scurried around with trays full of caviar, risotto, cheese ravioli, and beef ribs. The 30 Rock star does tolerate a couple of burrito joints in the city, but says they pale in comparison to those in San Diego. “San Diego has the best burritos in the country,” he said. “Any $2 burrito shack in San Diego will blow away any place in New York City. We gotta step it up.”